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Frog CyberKids: An online magazine featuring stories and artwork created by kids, for kids. It also allows kids to find cyberpals from around the globe through CyberKids Interactive. And for the older kids in the family, this site also links to the CyberTeens Connection.

Frog FamilyFun: A collection of monthly parenting publications. Search to find fun stuff to do today.

Frog Kidlink: A global youth dialog between 72 countries and for kids 10 - 15 years old.

Frog KidStacy.com: Everything for Kids and Parents!

Frog Kids.Com: For ages 8 to 14....register, and then go and play. Use Netscape 2.0 to see the animation on the first page!

Frog Kids' Space: One of the more extensive kids' sites, featuring stories, news and information, artwork, music, and more. Kids can chat with other children and find out what's going on around the world. If your kids are looking to spend a lot of time at one site, this is the place to send them. Awarded The First Prize at The Multimedia Grand Prix!

Frog Players in Progress: This is a non-profit youth organization that uses basketball and athletics in a positive to help improve a child's discipline, self-esteem, confidence, and work ethic.

Frog Soccer Patch: A place for kids to view and trade soccer patches from their teams or tournaments.


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