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Frog Java Board Games!

Frog Java Arcade Games!

Frog Disney: The official home page of The Walt Disney Company!

Frog Games Kids Play: Schoolyard games that we played as kids.

Frog Hangman: A non-Java Hangman you can play over the Web!

Frog Hunt the Wumpus: Find the wumpus in its cave. Shoot arrows to get the wumpus, but look out for bats and pits!

Frog Internet Chess Club: With over 25,000 paying members from all over the world, Chessclub.com is the longest running and most vibrant chess community on the internet.

Frog MasterMind: WebGames: Guess the right combination of peg colors - just like the board game!

Frog Mine Sweep: Discover the location and mark all of the hidden mines. It's a race against the clock!

Frog Mr. Potatoe Head: Different games & activities for you to play with Mr. Potatoe Head!

Frog Othello: Also known as "Reversi". Do you want to start with the black or the white disk?

Frog Peg Game: Try to outwit the computer by removing more of your pieces from the board than computer. You have blue squares, the computer has red triangles and green circles are neutral. You can only remove a piece that is adjacent to the previous piece that was removed by the opponent. Got it? Go!

Frog Puzzle-Links: Lots 'n lots 'n lots of puzzles!

Frog Puzzle 4x4: A sliding puzzle game. Click on the tiles to move them, and complete the puzzle. Or give up and start again.

Frog Tic-Tac-Toe: Hint: start in the middle square.

Frog Zarf's List of Interactive Games: This is a big list. Go to it with your parents, and they can help you pick out the ones that you can play!


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