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Frog Ask Dr. Universe: A science question and answer site geared toward kids and answered by WSU's talented team of researchers. Questions like ... What do bears eat? Why can't we grow more brain cells? Do frogs sleep? Why does electricity shock? Why don't spiders stick to their own webs? ... all presented in a fun, exciting graphic format.

Frog The Computer Museum of Boston: Located on Boston's waterfront, it features over 170 interactive exhibits, including The Internet Sampler -- an on-line exhibit, the award-winning Walk-Through Computer, a multimedia robot show, and one of the most extensive collections of historical computers and robots in the world.

Frog Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math & Science Education: It is designed to help educators improve teaching and learning in science and mathematics education. Check out the Resource Finder to find instructional materials for K-12 math and science, or follow hundreds of links to Internet sites for math and science education.

Frog Electronic Zoo: Find birds, cats, horses, kangaroos and pigs!

Frog Exploratorium: Located in San Francisco and on the WWW! A collection of electronic exhibits and resources for teachers, students and science enthusiasts!

Frog The Franklin Institute Science Museum: It's not quite the real thing, but a visit to our online museum should satisfy your yearning for learning about science. Wander, wonder, and just have fun!

Frog Funbrain.com: It is the home to interactive, educational games (math and grammar) for kids of all ages. Games include Math Baseball, Fun Match, Change Maker, Spell Check, and Wacky Tales.

Frog Hands On Children's Museum: Kor kids 10 years old and under. Look at the ocean, come to the Casbah, or find your way thru the maze!

Frog IPL Youth Division: KidSpace @ The Internet Public Library.

Frog Kindergarden on the WEB: Lets children skip electronically thru school gardens, botanic gardens and communitity gardens.

Frog Liberty Science Center: They offer online exhibits (including The Yuckiest Site on the Internet), maps of their museum's exhibit floors, and much more to come.

Frog NASA Kids: Activities and experiments with lots of graphics from Students and NASA!

Frog The Nine Planets: A multimedia tour of the solar system!

Frog Purdue University Libraries - Quick Reference: Find almanacs, factbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodic tables ...

Frog Quest: NASA's K-12 Internet initiative! Get in touch with NASA scientists, researchers and engineers, and participate in online projects. Find Grant money and a list of schools that are online.

Frog The Tech Museum of Innovation: Participate in their interactive exhibits and educational programs.

Frog U of C Berkeley Museum of Paleontology: Come see the exhibits and try to figure out what the mystery fossil is ...

Frog Welcome to the Planets: This is a collection of many of the best images from NASA's planetary exploration program.


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