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Frog Academy One: It is an international online educational resource for students, educators, parents and administrators of grades kindergarten through twelve. Come check the calendar for special events and look for student projects.

Frog The Animabets: Question: What do you get if you cross the alphabet with a bunch of fun animals? Answer: The Animabets. This is a fun, education web site for children. It provides safe, wholesome activities and games to teach basic subjects. Each of the animabets characters are uniquely designed to cover an individual topic with their own personality. For example, Boris Bear is an exercise instructor, Claude Camel is a cook, etc. As kids visit and interact with these characters, they identify and learn from their favorites.

Frog Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: Can search for them by looking for key words!

Frog Britannica Online: Answer the question of the moment, do serious research, or satisfy your curiosity!

Frog Creativity Cafe: Founded in 1980 to feature Storytellers of the New Millennium. Responsible for the award winning KidCast for Peace.

Frog Free Spirit Publishing: It is an award-winning publisher of books and other learning materials for children and teens, parents, educators, counselors, and everyone else who cares about kids. Their Web site gives you a fast and easy way to learn more about them, explore their catalog, order their books, meet their authors, and get the latest news.

Frog Global Show-n-Tell: Kids can submit digital images of their artwork, collections, personal possessions, and accomplishments to an exhibit for all the world to see! Within the exhibit, kids can create a link to their home page or browse around and find links to other kids' sites. There are also educational links to different schools and various online childrens magazines.

Frog Hands On Children's Museum: Kor kids 10 years old and under. Look at the ocean, come to the Casbah, or find your way thru the maze!

Frog Internet Public Library Youth Division: Come meet J.J. the Librarian and Bookie the Bookworm! Play in one of their contests, go to Story Hour, listen to Dr. Internet, or answer Bookie's trivia question!

Frog The Louvre: Direct from France - pick your language!

Frog NetDay: The next National NetDay is October 24, 1998. Volunteer now to wire a school in your community.

Frog Purdue University Libraries - Quick Reference: Find almanacs, factbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodic tables ...

Frog Roget's Thesaurus: Search for headwords - don't do this one by yourself - it's complicated!

Frog San Mateo High School: Did you know that San Mateo High School in California is one of a select group of high schools in the nation to be named a National Distinguished School? This prestigious award was given to SMHS in 1993. What makes a distinguished school? Key attributes are a strong comprehensive program; outstanding staff dedicated to the success of every student, and effective partnerships with parents and the community.

Frog School Express: School Express in an educational mall offering resources for schools, parents, and students. Links are given to hundreds of educational web sites, the Free Worksheets are very popular for school and home use.

Frog US Department of Education: Anything and Everything about education for Teachers on the Internet.

Frog Webster's Dictionary: Type in the word that you want, and press the button to look up the definition!

Frog The White House: An interactive citizens' handbook with index for finding government information, White House documents, history and tours, and a children's section.

Frog The WorldVillage School House: Come to the School House for the finest educational software reviews, articles, humor, cartoons, chat, and graphics! Updated weekly with great information for students, teachers, and parents.


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