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Frog Yahoo! Shopping > Books & Magazines > Children & Young Adults: The Yahoo list on all books related to Children!

Frog Books for Children... and More: A source of compiled links to resources for writers, editors, teachers, librarians, parents, and others -- children's book people.

Frog The Children's Health Food Book: Life Line Inc., New York, NY. Learning about healthy eating can be fun for children and parents. This beautiful, four-color, large format book makes the process a fun family affair.

FrogChildren's Literature Web Guide: Internet Resources Related to Books for Children and Young Adults. Contains info on: awards, conferences, movies, television, publishers, etc., etc....

Frog HarperChildrens.com: Developed by HarperCollins Children's Books, it's an entertaining, educational site that covers the latest books, authors, singers and songwriters. Kids learn what it takes to make a book or to be a great writer. This site also features other kids who are exploring the Net and sharing their tidbits online.

Frog Internet for Kids: A book/guide for parents and teachers to help children explore the adventures of cyberspace.

Frog Orangebox: Publishes books with schools, allowing kids to write and illustrate their own editions.

Frog Sagebrush Education Resources: Search, create booklists, and find recommended reading.

Frog Sisters in Crime: It's a list of mystery bookstores.

Frog World Kids Press: Has audiotape/coloring book packages designed to introduce the concept of foreign languages to children from pre-school level to age 8 or 9 through fun with music, read-along, and coloring.


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