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Frog 123Greetings: They have set up a new birthday greeting cards section especially for kids. Anyone can send electronic Birthday cards absolutely FREE to their friends and relatives anywhere in the world.

Frog An Awesome Site for All Ages: Cartoon cyber cat & dog present witty ClickToons (all ages), illustrated kids picture stories online, child Knock Knock jokes, and family DropBox humor.

Frog Aunt Annie's Craft Page: There are new projects each week, like making homemade stamps, drawing with pencil stencils, and making colored tissue paper--plus it allows you to look through and find projects from past weeks. Each project offers step-by-step instructions with downloadable patterns that you can print out and apply to your creations.

Frog Build a Medieval Castle: This site lets kids build their own model medieval castle, complete with towers, gatehouse and keep. They print out the pieces on any PC printer, and assemble their castle. While there are detailed instructions, there are also many choices and decisions left to the builders. The instructions also explain why the parts of castles were built the way they were, and what it was like to live in or around a castle. This is a fun introduction to life in the Middle Ages.

Frog Disney: The official home page of The Walt Disney Company!

Frog Kids Drawings for Peace: A place where kids can submit their drawings in the name of peace!

Frog Theodore Tugboat: Includes a puzzle, a word find, and any online drawing for you to print out and color!

Frog Visit Squigly's Playhouse: They have a created a childrens web site featuring on-line games, jokes & riddles, arts & crafts, pencil puzzles and more. The theme of the site changes every 3-4 weeks.


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